These Are The Benefits Of Installing A Home Security System

April 22nd, 2022

Today’s home security systems work to keep burglars on the outside, but they also work to keep you informed of what’s happening inside. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors keep your family safe from harm. Surveillance cameras let you know when your child has arrived home from school. Smart technology can let you know that you left the bedroom window open. Modern home security features can keep your home safe from intruders, while keeping your family safe from harm.

A Great Way To Deter Intruders

When burglars search for a property to enter, the first thing they look for is visible security cameras. If a security camera is in place, the majority of would-be criminals will move on to the next unprotected home. But even if the camera is visible, some intruders will continue on their mission. If this happens, the alarm system will contact the police, who can arrive in minutes to catch the thief in action.  

Early Detection Of Environmental Factors

Your home security system can do more than just alert you of an intruder, or keep them away. It can also protect your family from other types of danger. Most homes already have smoke detectors in place. A home security system with heat detection, however, can alert you of a significant heat source before it has a chance to turn into a fire. In addition, there are other sensors and alarms that can protect your family from harm, such as: 

  • Carbon monoxide detectors that can automatically contact the monitoring station to alert the local authorities if levels become dangerous. 

  • Water sensors that can alert you to any type of leaks within the home. Since water damage and flooding can devastate your entire home (and your bank account), this can be extremely helpful in stopping a small leak from turning into a flood.

  • Temperature sensors can be of assistance in homes that are subject to a cold climate. When the temperature drops too low, the sensor will alert you of the danger. This can help you avoid frozen pipes. 

You Might Even Save On Homeowner’s Insurance

Everyone who owns a home is required to have a homeowner’s insurance policy. Though the cost can vary, the policies typically cover events such as fire, weather (excluding floods), and theft. Homeowners who install a security system in their home to help prevent and protect against these events can receive a discounted insurance rate. The savings typically run between 10 to 20 percent on average. And if your home security system is connected to a central monitoring system, the discount can be even higher. 

If you’re still unsure about installing a home security system in your home, think about how these benefits can work for you and your family. Your home, loved ones, and valuables will be protected from theft, fire, and other disasters that can be costly. And you’ll receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance as well. Why wait? Contact us today about installing a home security system to protect all you hold dear. 

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