What Features Should You Consider When Choosing Home Security Cameras?

January 16th, 2023

Home security technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. As a result, security cameras offer a wide range of features that any homeowner can utilize to protect their home. If you are buying a surveillance camera for the first time or simply looking to upgrade your current system, here are the key features to consider when purchasing a security camera.

  1. Resolution:

Resolution on security cameras works the exact same way it does on photographic cameras and monitors. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the footage captured and the more detail you can see. Nowadays high definition (HD) surveillance cameras are extremely affordable and offer resolutions of 1080p or higher for a comparable price to older cameras.

  1. Range of View

The range of view is how far the camera can see. This is an important feature to consider when installing cameras outdoors. If your home has a large yard you will want a camera with a larger range of view, so you can monitor your whole property. Otherwise, you will have to install more cameras with a smaller range of views at different intervals.

  1. Field Of View

The field of view is a measurement of the area you can see from a single lens. Many cameras have variable fields of view, especially when they offer features like pan, tilt, and zoom. The field of view is an important consideration when you want to view a large area while also capturing fine details.

  1. Damage Resistance

Security cameras come in a variety of different housing. Most of these housings are relatively damage resistant. However, when you are selecting security cameras for outdoors, you want to make sure that you get a camera with weather-resistant housing that can sustain damage from heavy rains, winds, and debris. 

  1. Wifi Enabled

Wifi-enabled cameras record and store footage in real-time across an internet connection. These cameras are a great option for homeowners because it reduces the need for storage hardware. Both indoor and outdoor security cameras are available with wifi capability.

  1. Motion Detection

Another modern feature to consider is motion detection. Motion-activated cameras can help you capture footage only when there is activity. This can save energy and reduce the amount of footage you have to sort through to find evidence of an incident. Motion detectors have a variety of sensors and features of their own like smartphone alerts and live streaming, but they are a great option to consider.

Understanding these key features will help you make an informed choice to protect your home. However, in order to ensure that you select the most effective security camera system for your needs, you need to speak with a security professional. Security professionals know the ins and outs of surveillance cameras and will not only help you select the right ones, but they’ll also make sure they are installed so they work the best for you. To learn more, speak to your local security professional today!

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